Annual interest rate 10.00 %
BuyBack No
Collateral Real estate
Loan type Personal
Loan originator Direct
LTV 50 %
Payment type Annuity
Maturity date 19.01.2020
Payment date 19th
Issue date 19.10.2019
Total loan amount 110 000.00 INBIT
Loan id 670e8a43b246801c
This investment is covered by Elleeo Risk Management program.
Borrower country Denmark
Flex Funding is a leading Danish loan-based crowdfunding platform that connects investors with Danish companies, institutions, and unions seeking funds for expansions or growth.

Date incorporated: 2013
Country of registration: Denmark
Operating markets: Denmark
Invested as of September 2019: 24 000 000 EUR

Available for investment

0.00 INBIT